Browser objects are odd?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Fri Dec 11 12:25:50 EST 2009

Hey Geoff!  Good to see you back here again.

Geoff Canyon wrote:

> Having not used rev much over the last several years, I never learned
> about the browser object, and now find myself puzzled.
> Is it fair to say that the browser object is handled completely
> differently than other objects?
> For example, you can't simply drag a browser object into your stack
> from the tool palette? And to set the rect of a browser object, you
> have to use
>  revBrowserSet <the id>,"rect",<the rect you want>
> And I guess things like the formattedWidth are completely out? Is this
> accurate, or am I missing a section of the documentation?

As Trevor pointed out, it's an external (in fact, it started out as a 
third-party offering from Altuit, acquired by RR a few years ago).

As such, one of the things that differentiates it from native controls 
is that it's not part of the internal buffering, but merely blits into 
the main window buffer after Rev's internal rendering is done.

So this means you can't put other controls on top of a RevBrowser 
"control"; anything within that rect will be overlaid by the browser 
object, and any clicks in that region will be trapped by the browser object.

In this regard it's a lot like players with their alwaysBuffer set to 
false, which gives a similar behavior.

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