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Jim Ault jimaultwins at
Fri Dec 11 04:27:39 EST 2009

I am refining my algorithms to connect web hosted servers that do not  
work with Revolution CGI to On-Rev and other web servers that do run  
Rev CGI.

I have several mechanisms working for moving data and processing logic  
between domains, and would like to add the compression scheme as  

server A is OnRev
server B is a host that does not do Rev CGI

step 1 is to build a variable on server B using php
step 2 is to send the variable using POST in php
step 3 is to have a Rev script decompress()

So far my attempts are not successful.

Rev uses
   put decompress(varFromServerB) into varUnzipped
catch errnum
   put "Error decompressing =>" & errnum into buffer
end try

PHP uses      gzcompress($varFromServerB)

-1-  does decompress work in Rev CGI using Linux 3.5 version
-2-  is there a way to make the compressions compatible?

Of course I could just make a call to a utility script  decompr.php   
located on the OnRev server that returns the decompressed string, but  
that would make the processing take slightly longer.

When I get this smoothed out, I will post a web page or two showing  
web pages on different servers running php, Rev scripts, Rev stacks,  
and irev scripts.  These will be interconnected and show different  
variations.  One variation will be a single web page hosted on OnRev  
that uses all 4 types of scripting to render the page and interact  
with the visitor.

Jim Ault
Las Vegas

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