Printing a player image in XP

hyperchris at hyperchris at
Fri Dec 11 00:27:22 EST 2009

I need to display TIFFs and QuickTime is the only way I know to do that in Rev. So, I make sure XP has QT installed and then I use the Player object. Everything displays fine.

When I print in XP, though, i get mush. The Players are just a grey box (everything else on the page prints fine.) I also tried Printing to PDF to see if that helped but no dice. 

It works fine in OSX so the approach appears to be sound. I did consider a workaround of 'export snapshot as PNG' and then putting that image in front of the Player. However, the QT approach is already a little pokey and so I'd like to find a better solution. (It also might snapshot the print dialogue unless it supports off-screen shots!)

Any thoughts, ideas, magical incantations ???  TY ... Chris

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