put put

Malte Pfaff-Brill revolution at derbrill.de
Wed Dec 9 16:37:22 EST 2009


I don´t get it. It does not seem a general problem, which makes it  
even stranger. At least I know now it does not have to do with the 4.0  
engine. Also happens with a 3.5 standalone.

The scenario is as follows. rev client communicates with a server. It  
fails most of the time on one XP and at least one Win 7 machines. A  
whole bunch of other XP machines and Vista machines are known to work.  
If it fails, it is the download process that does (thanks for the  
suggestion Dave). I get all kinds of fun errors. First: error 10038 on  
socket, which if I understand it correctly means, I am not  
communicating with a socket at all. Next error: No headers sent. Next  
the result is empty, but only half of the data is received (exactly  
the half). This is soooooooo weird. The only scenario where I could  
reproduce it, without having to open a teamviewer session is a machine  
that hosts both server and client. Now it gets strange. If I connect  
from a remote machine to said server (while the same IP is used) all  
works fine on the remote machine. If I connect the "broken" machine to  
a remote server, it also works. also there are at least 10 other  
machines (both Macs and PCs) where the same scenario (one machine  
hosts server and client) just works perfectly... I have no idea...  
Just standing here shrugging. I will now try to load URL first and  
then write from the cachedUrls. If that´s no worky I give up  
suspecting that the wee free men got hold of the machine and just left  
some critters in there. Tis not me. I start doubting it is rev, though  
I can access the documents with a webbrowser. Overcaffeinated.  
Clueless... *shrug*

Thanks for your time.


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