Relayering grouped groups

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Wed Dec 9 13:54:16 EST 2009

On 9 Dec 2009, at 4:29 pm, Scott Rossi wrote:

> Subject: Re: Relayering grouped groups
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> Recently, David Glasgow wrote:
>> I want users to be able to click on an image and have it come to the front,
>> relative to the other images.  Obviously the controls within the group
>> containing the image needs to move en mass bounded by the layers contained
>> within the owning group.  For good reasons, the owning group is not the top
>> most layer, and may shuffle forward and back during use.
>> I can understand why this would be a bit tricky within a script, but I am just
>> getting nowhere.  I had assumed that as long as I knew the range of layers
>> contained within the owning group, I would be able to shuffle owned groups
>> around within that range.  Doesn't seem to be so.
> Trevor DeVore posted a great library back in May that solves this.
> Look for "Relayer Selected Control" in the Utility category of RevOnline.
> Regards,
> Scott Rossi
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> Tactile Media, Multimedia & Design

Thanks, Scott.  Looking in revonline now!


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