Revlets and firewalls

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Wed Dec 9 10:49:00 EST 2009


The app location is irrelevant if it's a firewall issue. In this  
instance the firewall would need ports 20 and 21 open for ftp to go  
Usually port 80 (or 8080) is open as this is used for standard http  
browsing protocol.

If you try to telnet (from a command line/terminal prompt to port 21  
(telnet 'ipaddress' 21 or telnet 21) and you do not  
receive a positive response then the port is blocked.



On 9 Dec 2009, at 15:07, Richard Miller wrote:

> I'm finding some situations in which my revlet cannot communicate  
> to the outside via: put x into url "ftp://xxxxxx" because of  
> firewall issues. Normally, I would instruct the user to create a  
> firewall exception for a regular Rev app, since the location of the  
> app is identifiable. How would one do this with a revlet? Is the  
> revlet residing somewhere locally for a time, or is it in memory?
> Thanks.
> Richard Miller
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