Uploading data with a revlet (Was: Re: Is it possible to change the revlet embed html?)

J. Landman Gay jacque at hyperactivesw.com
Tue Dec 8 13:51:28 EST 2009

Dom wrote:
> Andre Garzia <andre at andregarzia.com> wrote:
>> if you're storing passwords anywhere in your stack you should password
>> protect them, checkout the password in the dictionary.
> in a stack, OKay...
> but in a revlet?
> I took a glance at a revlet in TextWrangler, and it seems completely
> compiled, except for "REVL4000" at the very beginning...

Right, the new file format can no longer be read in a text editor even 
if there is no password assigned. This is very good news for developers, 
except for those times when they lose their source stack. But we never 
do that, right?

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