[ANN] Free tText plugins: Do Shell & Speak2Me

Jerry Daniels jerry.daniels at me.com
Tue Dec 8 11:19:14 EST 2009


Plugins as palette stacks are fine.

In the future shortcut keys will be more flexible in terms of  
assignment. In the meantime, you can use what's there. Increment.


Jerry Daniels

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On Dec 7, 2009, at 6:40 PM, Sarah Reichelt wrote:

>> Jerry - I have a few plugins I would love to do - but to be really  
>> useful I
>> need to be able to activate them more conveniently, or more  
>> flexibly, than
>> using the plugin menu. (for example, I'd like to have the  
>> equivalents of
>> Emacs change-case commands
>> <cmd>-L - make current word lower case, leave cursor at start of  
>> next word
>> <cmd>-U - make current word UPPER case, ....
>> <cmd>-C = make word Capitalized, ....
>> Doing that as 3 separate plugins is kind of crazy (and I'd never  
>> remember
>> which order they came in).
>> Doing it as one plugin, and using modifier keys to choose which  
>> action is
>> chosen is, well, kind of, ok .... that's what I'm using right now -  
>> but
>> unfortunately the modifier keys prevent the use of shortcuts to  
>> trigger menu
>> items, so it's a bit of a pain to use.
> What about making a plugin that opens as palette stack?
> Perhaps it could have a front script that intercepts the
> commandKeyDown message and implements your own commands there.
> I haven't tried this, so I don't know if setting a frontScript will be
> possible, but I guess it would.
> Cheers,
> Sarah
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