Is it possible to change the revlet embed html?

Dom mcdomi at
Tue Dec 8 02:44:04 EST 2009

Andre Garzia <andre at> wrote:

> Yes we can! but you must remember that the revlet executes on the client
> machine, so if you want to write to your server you'll need URL calls to the
> remote server machine.

Ah, OK, je viens de capter ;-)

capito (subito ;-))

OK, I do realize -- but as I wish to write some data into a text file on
the server*:

suppose I am running the revlet on my machine -- I know how to access
the server, with my password

but what if the revlet runs on another machine, which don't know the
making anonymous ftp??

*another question: is the revlet capable of writing data onto the
_client_ machine?

(a while...)

PS: I had an idea, just for now ;-)
I fixed "the directory" to the effective filename of what it thought was
the revlet -- but, after digging in the Library > Application Support >
RunRev > revWebPlayer I found some "slag" put there by my previous
experiments ;-))

So, my attempts did work! but not as I wished...

After making the "necessary" DIV changes (see "Found it!")
the page with two independant revlets (not a mainstack and its substack)
I could "write" some data with the first one, and "read" then by the
second one -- knowing that the text file was actually written in the
revWebPlayer folder on the client (my machine) and not onto the server
-- sort of cookie ;-)

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