[ANN] Free tText plugins: Do Shell & Speak2Me

Jerry Daniels jerry.daniels at me.com
Mon Dec 7 19:44:56 EST 2009


On Dec 7, 2009, at 6:19 PM, Alex Tweedly wrote:

> Jerry Daniels wrote:
>> Fellow developers,
>> We have just posted two more new free plugins for tText: Speck2Me,  
>> which speaks any text in the editor, and Do Shell which executes  
>> any text in one tab and puts the results into another. These  
>> plugins are fully editable in Revolution.
> Jerry - I have a few plugins I would love to do - but to be really  
> useful I need to be able to activate them more conveniently, or more  
> flexibly, than using the plugin menu. (for example, I'd like to have  
> the equivalents of Emacs change-case commands
> <cmd>-L - make current word lower case, leave cursor at start of  
> next word
> <cmd>-U - make current word UPPER case, ....
> <cmd>-C = make word Capitalized, ....
> Doing that as 3 separate plugins is kind of crazy (and I'd never  
> remember which order they came in).
> Doing it as one plugin, and using modifier keys to choose which  
> action is chosen is, well, kind of, ok .... that's what I'm using  
> right now - but unfortunately the modifier keys prevent the use of  
> shortcuts to trigger menu items, so it's a bit of a pain to use.
> So....
> Do you have any plans to provide a key-binding mechanism to let  
> tText plugin developers specify key sequences to activate their  
> plugin ?
> -- Alex.
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