2 Datagrid questions

william humphrey bill at bluewatermaritime.com
Sun Dec 6 16:56:03 EST 2009


I just used your stack to test putting data into another stack from a
substack and it worked perfectly. So thanks for that. Now I know that there
is something seriously screwy with my stack project.

Oh well.


On Sun, Dec 6, 2009 at 5:18 PM, Richmond Mathewson <
richmondmathewson at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 12/6/09 10:53 PM, Éric Miclo wrote:
>> Hello Richmond,
>> Well, I was not precise enough.
>> I wanted to know if there is a "direct" function to extract a column's
>> data without having to use a repeat loop.
>> I'm not sure I understand right what's in DataGrid's doc pages 65-66.
>> Thanks for your time and proposition.
> I am not sure whether that is possible.
> When I popped together the EXTRACTOR stack I expected to have a script of
> this sort:
> put column "VEGETABLES" of dataGrid "FOOD" into fld "VEGGIES"
> or
> put the lines of column "VEGETABLES" of dataGrid "FOOD" into the lines of
> fld "VEGGIES"
> but that was because I have paid almost no attention to datagrids (more
> fool me)
> and did not realise that they are not really objects in the sense that
> fields are, but are
> composite creatures, and their components have to be addressed rather than
> the
> dataGrid as a whole.
> The thing that shocked me was that on looking at the Preferences palette
> for my
> dataGrid I saw it called a 'group' . . . and things went badly downhill
> from there.
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