Code Samples/Comparisons

Richmond Mathewson richmondmathewson at
Sun Dec 6 11:33:48 EST 2009

Here's a thought:

I wonder how many of these can be duplicated using
RunRev?  And, before you ask, I am sorry, but I just
don't have the time (or, frankly, the computer know-how
about Blowfish encryption/decryption or GPS).

I have mucked about with HyperNext and got fairly
cheesed-off as it seems capable of many things, but it
is not:


and it uses an obscure form of O-O BASIC

also, I think it is being developed by one chap
in his/her spare bedroom (which, actually, is
incredible) so does not have all the backup,
know-how and investment that RunRev can boast.

Stacks I particularly like:

Note Player

Stock quotes

Books HC  (The name of that one is a dead giveaway where
the developer is coming from).

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