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Richmond Mathewson richmondmathewson at
Sun Dec 6 06:40:12 EST 2009

On 12/6/09 2:30 AM, Judy Perry wrote:
> And of course, this is something everybody has been saying now since 
> at least the 2nd Monterey conference.  It may not be enough to make 
> available a free product that just dumps you straight into the world 
> of scripting. Even Hypercard didn't do that!  It provided a very and 
> gentle graceful path to the world of making your own stuff, and that 
> is perhaps part of the reason for it becoming as successful as it did.

Well said, Judy!

What is perhaps needed, along with Free RevMedia, is a suite of little 
programs that
can be popped together without any scripting at all, and, maybe, a stack 
with a set
of 'moronic' buttons (go back, go next, go prev, etc.) for copy-pasting.

There is a problem, and I feel it is this:

There need to be 2 completely distinct RunRev websites:

1. All-singing-all-dancing programmers' website selling Studio and 
Enterprise with
     all sorts of comparisons between RunRev and other programming 
     (using that term to avoid the continuum between 
languages-qua-languages and
     the visual drag-n-drop-n-no-scripting-at-all type of stuff).

2.  A dedicated RevMedia site (which, of course, would 'push' Studio) 
which down-plays
    the geeky-scripty sort of stuff and concentrates on the "gentle 
graceful path to the world
    of making your own stuff"; and, while I am in a complimentary mood; 
Judy, that really is
    a super way of putting things.

I also believe that the Folks at RunRev cannot quite decide which way to 

There really doesn't have to be a decision; with a bit of thought they 
can cut the legs from
under HyperStudio and Co. as well as some of the "real" programming 

Grrrrr . . . HyperStudio should be history by now. I don't know why, but 
Wagner's product
(now being peddled by MacKiev) reminds me so much of cheap, Chinese 
imitations of
LEGO. It is the old problem (c.f. Windows versus Linux); let's pay for a 
product (HyperStudio) when there is something quite considerably better 
for free

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