problem with sending functions to other cards over riding message path

william humphrey bill at
Sat Dec 5 13:29:35 EST 2009

If you do this in the background script of one stack:

   *put* "anytext" into tDataHolder

   *get* value("PutMyData(tDataHolder)", card "consignee_card" of stack
"Consignees" of stack "clients")

and in the card "consignee_card" of another stack -- there is this:

*function* PutMyData pDataHolder

   *put* pDataHolder into fld test

*end* PutMyData

The result will  be "pDataHolder" in the fld "test" because something in the
"get value" is wrecking the "tDataHolder" variable.

Can anyone help. I need to do this because I'm using a DataGrid and I found
out that you can't

*set* the dgData of *group* "g_theConsigneeList" of card "consignee_card" of
 stack "Consignees" of stack "clients" to theDataArray

and that you can only set the dgData of a DataGrid if the script is in the
background of the same stack or in the card so I'm doing that but I need to
send parameters form another stack to that stack where the DataGrid is and
the message path is driving me crazy!

Thanks for your help.

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