Code Samples/Comparisons

Richmond Mathewson richmondmathewson at
Sat Dec 5 06:08:50 EST 2009

I haven't stuck my oar into this discussion until now as
I was interested which way it would go.

My view may be a bit different to most of the "real programmers"
who have offered views and code examples.

I am not a "real programmer" insofar as I do not depend on programming
for my bread and cheese, and have never had to. I have not touched any
programming language other than Metacard/RunRev since 2001.

I think that comparing:

length of code samples

is a bit silly: "It's not the size that matters, it's how you use it."

AND, surely, the first and foremost point to be made about RunRev
is that little boys and girls (8-11 years old) can produce something
that works and is not a Powerpoint clone in half-an-hour (I have
seen it happening right here in my school). Teachers and other
non-programmers can, very quickly, assemble "programs" / "applications"
/ "thingies" / "widgets" to do what they want to do without having to
either hire a computer specialist or spend donkey's ages on a
programming course.

Runtime Revolution is all about empowerment; it should not be
compared with C++ and so forth, because they are 2 different
creatures. C++ lives in an aquarium, nurtured by trained zookeepers:
RunRev is like my cat - much more cuddley and approachable, and
doesn't need lots of fancy care and food.

One of the things that the lecturers at Abertay University (where I did
an MSc, for my sins) kept rambling on about was that programmers had to
become sensitive to the needs of specialists in other areas they would
be working for. Forget the "sensitive" programmer; RunRev can
"sensitise" almost anyone to doing the job themselves.

The other day, having read some of the postings in this thread I cracked
open Richard Bannister's Mac port of the Horizon emulator of the BBC
and "did a bit of BASIC" - all great, sentimental fun, and all that, but
nothing quite beats the WYSIWYG of the RunRev IDE. You can keep
your command-line languages with funny syntax!

Those who want the command-line languages with funny syntax, and who
have ego problems that need to be buttressed up by their being "real
programmers" will always be like that. Let's just let them get on with
their thing: ultimately RunRev (or something very similar) will be used
by far more people to do far more creative things.

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