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Fri Dec 4 19:57:36 EST 2009

Thank you Kenji for trying to keep this issue in front of RR in the  
midst of so many other improvements and innovations. While I  
appreciate, (really) the wonderful things that 3.0 and 4.0 have  
brought us, including some unicode fixes, new unicode features (a  
'unicodetitle' prop and menu item tags for example) and under the hood  
preparations for unicode (distinguishing 'byte' and 'char' ), the long  
ago promised ability to "just use unicode" has not been implemented. I  
have emails from 2003 saying "support for chunk expressions for  
unicode is on the short term to-do list" and more recently in 2008 -  
"Transparent unicode support is still on the cards for v4 - i.e. the  
version with the web plugin. This will be some variant on the ideas  
I've posted before about overhauling Unicode support in Revolution."

I quote these not to draw attention to as yet unfulfilled promises.  
Clearly there is awareness and desire in RR to do something. I develop  
software and I know that things don't always work out according to  
plans for a variety of legitimate reasons. I also recognize the fact  
that there are other groups, those involved with graphics or video for  
example, who could say similar things about their area of interests  
that have not been satisfied by RR. And finally, i appreciate the  
tremendous effort to get the web plug-in out the door that must have  
left little time for anything else.

Having said that, I want to add my voice to Kenji's in hopes that  
unicode support will indeed become a reality (much) sooner rather than  
later. Please.


On Dec 5, 2009, at 5:17 AM, Kenji Kojima wrote:

> Hi,
> I expected all Unicode problems were fixed on 3.0. But I cannot use  
> Unicode yet. Version 5 will be soon.
> One big problem is MacOS menu bar. It happened 2.8.1. Before we did  
> not have this problem.
> You can see a video.
> The menu bar has to have four menus, but when you set the menu bar  
> sometimes the menus are three or two.
> You can try a sample stack.
> go stack url " 
> "
> Before you try it, change the Language to Japanese. see this image.
> MacOS menu bar is not only unicode problem.
> We have more.
> Best regards,
> --
> Kenji Kojima
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