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Sivakatirswami katir at hindu.org
Fri Dec 4 19:57:05 EST 2009

On Dec 2, 2009, at 3:23 AM, Andre Garzia wrote:
>> Folks,
>> I lost that library when I lost my laptop! :D
>> I will get Sivakatirswami copy and post it online. I made that 
>> library ages
>> ago, I am a much better programmer now and probably would have coded it
>> differently, but it works as expected. It was very minimalistic full of
>> redundance.
>> :D 

Oi Andre:

Ha! Jai Ganesha... it works and works very well. I think you forget how 
clean it is and how you were into your "LISP" mode of keeping discrete 
functions separate. Once I understood how they worked I was able to get 
the job done easily.

JB: you can get it here:

go stack url 

(Andre, suggest your get this and host it on your site?)

Notes: Andre's "documentation" does not tell the user that the library 
is a substack of his main stack.
Use application browser to toplevel the vObjectLib; clone it; Rename if 
you like (I did) then assign it to your own main stack:

then you can generate things like this:

# This app scans an existing calendar for events containing a specific 
string, being the "tithi" designation
# for a day of the Moon phase, then uses those dates to enter another 
# This allows for repeating events on, e.g. the first day of each moon 
"week" at
# 4PM when the department heads have a coordination meeting

 # repeat loop through each entry,
 Stack Script:

on openstack
   set the loc of this stack to the screenloc
   start using stack "KA_vObjectLib" # andre's functions in the stack script
   start using stack "libUUID" # Mark's fabulous GUID lib
end openstack

function buildVevent pDate, pStartTime,pEndTime
# uses Eric Chatonet's magical little group/object from timepicker.rev
# to let users choose times
   put empty into gRepeatingEvent
   vObjectBegin gRepeatingEvent, "VEvent"
   icAddCreationDate gRepeatingEvent, (icConvertDate(the seconds))
   put luiRandomUUID() into tUID
   icAddUID gRepeatingEvent,tUID
   icAddDateTimeStart gRepeatingEvent, (pDate&"T"&pStartTime)
   icAddTimeZoneID gRepeatingEvent, "DTSTART", "Pacific/Honolulu"
   icAddSummary gRepeatingEvent, fld "Summary"
   icAddDescription gRepeatingEvent, fld "Description"
   icAddDateTimeEnd gRepeatingEvent, (pDate&"T"&pEndTime)
   icAddTimeZoneID gRepeatingEvent, "DTEND", "Pacific/Honolulu"
   icAddSequence gRepeatingEvent, "0"
   icAddDateTimeStamp   gRepeatingEvent, (icConvertDate(the seconds))
   icAddTransparency gRepeatingEvent, "OPAQUE"
   vObjectEnd gRepeatingEvent, "VEvent"
   return gRepeatingEvent 
end buildVevent

Button "Create Repeating Events..."

# repeat loop through each VEVENT in existing calendar.ics file,
# if VEVENT contains string "Sun 1" (or whatever tithi day the user 
choses from the GUI)
# then build a new VEVENT
# there's more but you get the idea:

  repeat for each item tEvent in tCalendar
      if tEvent contains tTargetPhaseDay then
         # parse out  the date entry
         put (lineOffset("DTSTART;VALUE=DATE:",tEvent)) into tLine
         put (char -8 to -1 of line tLine of tEvent) into pDate        
   # build the new entry; see stack script for functions
         # that call Andre vObjectLib stack functions       
 put buildVevent(pDate,tStartTime,tEndTime) after tNewEntries
      end if
   end repeat

#export tNewEntries to iCal file which user then imports

I suspect today Andre would use some of RunRev's new array magic...

But this is so transparent... I like it, redundant or not.




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