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René Micout rene.micout at
Fri Dec 4 18:38:19 EST 2009

Hello Mark,
What is "var" ?

Le 5 déc. 2009 à 00:18, Mark Wieder a écrit :

> Kevin-
> Friday, December 4, 2009, 8:23:16 AM, you wrote:
>>> what about using task/code examples from
>>> Revcoders (us, runrev ltd?..)  will
>> I think that's a great idea.
> Sorry, Kevin, I think it's a Very Bad Idea. The examples there are
> hand-coded in each language to be optimized for speed (that's not the
> bad idea part). Having this an open-source project to optimize the
> code is a good way to get some reasonable benchmarks out of the way of
> any given company's purview. And out of an individual's coding prowess
> or lack thereof as well.
> However... if we're looking for a way to show the readability of code,
> that's a different matter altogether. There's no way runrev is going
> to come out smelling like a rose if we try to code the Mandelbrot
> example, just to pick one. Sure, they can all be coded in revTalk,
> most of the examples use multiple threads for speed, something we can
> only dream of in runrev. And the math routines are someting I wouldn't
> attempt without resorting to an external library for speed.
> That said, here's a quick port of the Mandelbrot example from the
> Pascal code. On my machine it takes 24 minutes to run. Anyone want to
> take a stab at improving it? This is all in a button script:

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