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Hi David,

To fight with line breaks, exists such tip
As to specify as Field and Line delimiters some odd chars

    „ µ 

At least Valentina and mySQL allow this.

If SqlLite cannot, you can try to use above dbs as intermediate step.

> Hello folks,
> I'm in the planning stages of a possible new app which will include populating
> a Rev Database (SQLite) primarily from a standard Excel based CSV file. What
> I've run into while doing some research is that that format seems leaves a lot
> to be desired. It seems that the CSV data that I'll be working with has all
> kinds of spurious line breaks and such embedded, so converting to a tab
> delimited format doesn't work well.
> Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to make something like this
> reliable as far as maintaining record integrity during import?

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