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Well the site (which if anyone has the link, please post it!) has an  
animation library that for the original poster's question would  
assist in learning a bit more on the 'vanilla' side of animation  
through rev.

On Franklin3D: Will it include the irrKlang Audio component in the  



On 4 Dec 2009, at 16:13, Lynn Fredricks wrote:

>> There was another animation library, but the name escapes me
>> (and that doesn't help with a search...).
>> Anyone got the link? I think it was a UK based site.
> A little horn toot....
> Sorry for the late reply - huge Christmas projects. Franklin 3D has  
> a 2D
> animated sprite system. A huge advantage to using it is that it can  
> benefit
> from any OpenGL or DirectX (depending on which you use) hardware
> acceleration. This is something to seriously consider if you have a  
> lot of
> animated characters on screen.
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