Code Samples/Comparisons

Bill Marriott wjm at
Fri Dec 4 10:04:11 EST 2009

This is a very useful comment, Viktoras!

I still want code.

I will give a shiny new RunRev mug to the first five people who submit 
plausible, actual code samples to me according to my original request.

- Bill

"viktoras d." <viktoras at> wrote in 
message news:4B18EB2E.6030807 at
> what about using task/code examples from 
> Revcoders (us, runrev ltd?..)  will 
> still have to write quality examples in Rev which would be a challenge :-) 
> Quality of the code there is good enough as computer language benchmarks 
> game aims to create the shortest and fastest running executables for all 
> the open source languages out there. So both number of lines, speed of 
> execution and memory use are taken into account..
> I think for the community of revcoders it would be interesting to compare 
> revTalk in that context too :-).

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