Is it possible to change the revlet embed html?

Dom mcdomi at
Fri Dec 4 08:32:08 EST 2009

Bill Marriott <wjm at> wrote:

> It's not that we find the Player to be adding so much functionality; nothing
> to do with business model per se. It's that the revWeb plugin is essentially
> the new "Player." Better to focus on having one piece of software end users
> would install to "play" stacks than two. For one thing, it's one less code
> base to maintain. For another, when we flesh out the mechanics of hosting
> revlets within system windows, you would theoretically be able to 
> double-click a revlet and have it open much like it did in the old Player.

OKay :-)

Sure, to have a Player + to download a stack was the "old" solution...
not to mention the platform problem: revlets run equally (IMHO) in all
platforms, since there is nothing to "download", as they run in a web

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