Simultaneous Animations

John Patten johnpatten at
Thu Dec 3 22:58:01 EST 2009

Thanks Malte!

That's just what I was trying to do!  Much more elegant than my monstrosity :-)

I'm guessing I would also be able to call events while the animation is taking place? Events initiated if animated objects cross paths, or get within a certain distance from each other. Maybe even the ability to record these types of events to a field while they are happening?

Andre, in my weak attempt, I was going to hide the path polygons. However, I liked the designs they created too. It is a little interesting how if you grab and move a polygon while the animation is running the animated objects continue to remember the original point locations.

And Richmond, after knocking  back a few and then re-reading your reply, I think I got the gist of it and Malte's example seems to address them. Or, ...maybe I need to go back to the bottle :-)

Thanks for all the suggestions and examples!  Very much appreciated!

John Patten

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