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I will say the same thing I said to Kevin's recent post:

> question we were asking was "Which language is going to be easier in day to
> day use"? For example, the code on the PHP comparison was based on an
> example posted on a site that *teaches* how to write PHP. So clearly its of
> a standard that is used in the real world. If you're an expert coding in
> every day you can shorten it. Same with the revTalk example as it happens.

What is simply needed is a bibliography.

The fact that the PHP example comes from a site that teaches PHP is a huge
blow to any argument that Rev is manipulating example to their own benefit.
But that fact is not evident on the pdf.

We don't need Rev users to 'create' examples, no matter how real life they
are, as they will always be subject to the 'they've been manipulated by Rev'

Better to find on line examples of code in each of the languages listed,
especially from sites that supposedly 'teach the language', and then do the
Rev equivalent.

If I were to manipulate anything, I'd then try to include these examples on
'teach Rev' sites, like Devin Assay's, and include that in the bibliography
as well.

As, has already been said, you are not going to persuade the 'real
programmers' by line counts and code readability, and they'll continue to
argue that the code examples are poor and they can do better. But for anyone
new to programing, or actually open minded enough to be considering any or
all alternatives, links to real examples of other language code and learning
sites, and actual equivalent examples in Rev are going to be effective, and
if they follow the links to Learn Rev sites, lead them to the next step down
the path of giving Rev a try.

Another 2 clams

On Thu, Dec 3, 2009 at 11:24 PM, Bill Marriott <wjm at> wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> We've taken your feedback to heart and will be putting effort into
> significantly improving our comparisons. (It obviously doesn't help to put
> up "straw men.")
> To that end, I would very much appreciate contributions from the community.
> If you have code samples in other languages that you feel would be good
> illustrations of how revTalk can be shorter and/or more readable, please
> either post them to the list or mail directly to me -- (at)
> We're especially interested in :
> - ActionScript (Flash)
> - REALbasic
> - PHP
> and to a lesser extent
> - C/C++/C#
> - Visual Basic
> - Java
> - JavaScript
> If you are able to replicate the functionality with a revTalk example, all
> the better. Try to focus your efforts on real-world tasks, classic
> programming challenges, things everyone building software can relate to. And
> of course, areas where revTalk really shines.
> While it won't be the same as getting "recognized experts" [in those other
> languages] to produce the examples, I know there's a wealth of knowledge
> here in the use-list and am hoping you'll contribute some sterling examples.
> Thanks very much,
> Bill
> RunRev marketing guy
>  Whatever the answer, Andre raised a very relevant point, with which I
>> fully agree, that Rev is not well served by using a comparison against what
>> others feel is very poor code. [...]
>> To truly demonstrate Rev's ability against other code, get the code
>> written by a recognised expert in that language (somebody like Bruce Eckel
>> for Java and C++). Yes, it would cost money but I believe it would be money
>> well spent.
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