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Peter W A Wood peterwawood at gmail.com
Thu Dec 3 19:13:47 EST 2009

> The program that markets itself as the champion of the one-liners is REBOL. Its website features a hundred one-liners  O.K. you won the one-liner contest but where are the programs that actually do something useful? REBOL reminds me of a trailer to an action movie that contains all the good parts. When you watch the entire movie you wonder what the hell that was all about. As for me, the only selling point for REBOL is that Pierre Sahores thinks highly of it. (But he's a lot smarter than I am.)

I was enthusiastically introduced to Revolution by Olivier Auverlot (http://auverlot.fr/) after working with him to translate one of his books on Rebol to English. (I included his web address as list members may be interested in his OdtRev stack for working with OpenOffice.org - it's free. The docs are in French, I will try to find the time from somewhere to translate them into English.)

Sometimes Rebol does seem to promise more than it delivers but it can do some very useful things. Two very different examples are the Cheyenne Web Server (http://cheyenne-server.org/) and the Synapse Electronic Medical Record System (http://www.compkarori.co.nz:8090/).



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