sending hexadecimal control characters, how to?

Sarah Reichelt sarah.reichelt at
Thu Dec 3 18:02:20 EST 2009

> just a doubt here. I was going to create some shop management software here
> in Brazil, but here, due to law, if a software is to interface with a
> receipt printer, then you need to "approve" your software with the
> goverment, this changes from state to state but it is present in all states
> and it means that once they review your source code and test your software,
> your software is approved and frozen, you cannot update it. If you update it
> then you need to go thru the approval process again. If your software is not
> approved and you sell it, then there's a fine and it might even have
> jailtime.

That's amazing!
I was operating a receipt printer on a kiosk and the receipts were an
optional record, backed up by emails and then official tax invoices,
but even so, I never heard of such a regulation in Australia. I'm not
involved with that business any more, and maybe that's a good thing


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