Rev 4.0 article on TheServerSide

Malte Pfaff-Brill revolution at
Thu Dec 3 09:23:46 EST 2009

>  For example, the code on the PHP comparison was based on an
> example posted on a site that *teaches* how to write PHP. So clearly  
> its of
> a standard that is used in the real world. If you're an expert  
> coding in PHP
> every day you can shorten it. Same with the revTalk example as it  
> happens.


how about taking the same cases and illustrate different  
implementations of the same problem? Like: First solution in PHP vs  
first solution in Rev. Better solution in PHP better one in rev. Ideal  
Solution of both. And leave a note to the devs that use the other  
language that if they if they improve and or shorten the script, to  
send feedback? Invite them for a competiotion their solution vs. ours?  
We could do that on use regarding script length and execution speed.  
Actually that would be a lot of fun :-D



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