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...a few more thoughts related to making revTalk sound more 
"professionally".  Description of programming in revTalk as English-like 
might sound OK and attract masses of beginner programmers from the UK, 
USA, Australia or New Zealand but it can also be rephrased into a 
description which would have more appeal for experienced programmers 
worldwide. I guess it would be more useful to emphasize revTalk not as 
"unprofessionally" "English-like" but as "very proffesional" "*Literate 

Here it comes, the definition 
( "The literate 
programming paradigm, as conceived by Knuth, represents a move away from 
writing programs in the manner and order imposed by the computer, and 
instead enables programmers to develop programs in the order demanded by 
the logic and flow of their thoughts. Literate programs are written as 
an uninterrupted exposition of logic in an ordinary human language, much 
like the text of an essay."


Kevin Miller wrote:
> One such way for that to happen would be for a subset of
> experienced professional programmers to take our examples in the wrong way.
> So we will take another pass at these examples to see how we can improve
> what we are communicating here.
> Kind regards,
> Kevin
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