Swing Browser is in testing

Richard Miller wow at together.net
Wed Dec 2 18:58:44 EST 2009


Yes... this can be a bit frustrating. Just walked another user through 
the startup process. He's using XP and IE. Wouldn't work at all. He 
switched to Firefox and everything worked perfectly. Not a single problem.

The black screen you are seeing is just a protective graphic to prevent 
users from interacting too soon. But it should disappear at the end of 
the startup process. So something is not completing right. I'll be 
digging into this tomorrow AM.

Thanks for helping. I appreciate it. All this testing is helping uncover 
the nuances of the plugin... and it's many inconsistencies. It's 
definitely not ready for show time.


Nicolas Cueto wrote:
> Richard,
> I tried it again, this time after updating my Rev plugin version.
> One very small difference this time. Right before the "downloading"
> message appears, for a very brief second I can see an image of a
> golfer and some other screen objects. But after "downloading" is done,
> it's the same blackscreen with a left-side menu.
> Tried it on IE8. Same as above -- brief glimpse of a golfer/objects,
> and then blackscreen/menu.
> --
> Nicolas Cueto
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