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Andre Garzia andre at
Wed Dec 2 15:41:05 EST 2009

Actually I think some of the comments have a point. That language
comparision pdf is misleading. Even I could write better code than that in
those languages. I would suggest people on runrev would change that pdf to
present optimum code in C++/C#/JAVA and the like, like, very professional
code and see how well Rev stacks against it, even if they are all one
liners, Rev will be more readable and thus win points. If you post crappy
code, the users of those languages will clearly recognize the pdf as a bad
practice and have a bad impression of the language.

And this is me being very serious which people here don't usually see. I
don't like that pdf at all, I see a marketing gizmo which is not related to
the actual truth. I can write those examples in two or three lines of python
and java and ruby and I am not a good programmer in those languages. Looking
at that text, I see why slashdot and this article have flame comments.

On Wed, Dec 2, 2009 at 2:59 PM, Bill Marriott <wjm at> wrote:

> Jan,
>  Prepare for "I'll stick with a real programming language, thank you very
>> much"
>> remarks; but it will hopefully drive traffic to the site for
>> Java developers
>> sitting on the fence with JavaFX, Flex,...
> Just remember, "Real programmers don't use plain English." :)
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