Ethics... and the lack of it.

Richmond Mathewson richmondmathewson at
Wed Dec 2 04:02:58 EST 2009

"All if fair in love and war."  .   .   . and business.

My work is only worth what somebody else is prepared
to pay for it:

I installed Mint Linux on somebody's PC and they paid me
at the going rate as it was not mission critical for their

Somebody else paid me a LARGE amount of money to
sit up with their Windows 2000 PC that had had 5000
lawyer's confidential records on it and had been hit
by a ransomware attack: and to get back all those
records - 2 simple reasons:

1. The Ransom demanded was 5 times what they paid me.

2. They had an extremely valuable meeting with business
      clients the next day and those documents were among
      those that had been "hosed".

Ethics ain't in it.


And, as a charming friend of mine once remarked
(and he is a very successful businessman) "Keep your
morals for the weekend and the family."

Not very nice, but fairly near the truth.


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