ICS functions Library

Sivakatirswami katir at hindu.org
Wed Dec 2 00:19:50 EST 2009

stephen barncard wrote:
> Andre Garzia wrote a lib a long, long time ago (2005) - I have it right
>  here. --  you guys are pals, you should ask him.
> -------------------------
> Stephen Barncard
> San Francisco
> http://houseofcubes.com/disco.irev
> Actually I have it, vObjectPackage.rev

and I asked Andre about his date functions, It was he who thought I 
should check with the list...

I think it was late Rio and he did not realize his stack had what I 
wanted... you have to open the application browers to see that the lib 
is in a separate substack that is not exposed anywhere on the main 
stack. but vObjectLib had nearly 100 commands and functions. I need this 
one in particular

function icConvertDate pDate
  convert pDate to dateitems
  put item 1 of pDate into tYear
  put item 2 of pDate into tMonth
  if len(tMonth) is 1 then put "0" & tMonth into tMonth
  put item 3 of pDate into tDate
  if len(tDate) is 1 then put "0" & tDate into tDate
  put item 4 of pDate into tHours
  if len(tHours) is 1 then put "0" & tHours into tHours
  put item 5 of pDate into tMinutes
  if len(tMinutes) is 1 then put "0" & tMinutes into tMinutes
  put item 6 of pDate into tSeconds
  if len(tSeconds) is 1 then put "0" & tSeconds into tSeconds
  put tYear & tMonth & tDate & "T" & tHours & tMinutes & tSeconds into 
  return tRetVal
end icConvertDate

(plus 100's of other interesting functions)

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