Corrupted screenshots using revprintfield

David Glasgow david at
Tue Dec 1 11:06:01 EST 2009

Rev 4, OS X 10.5

I have a results field that accumulates text and images which are imagesource references to screen snapshots ( as png) of different parts of the interface.  One imagesource reference is to a png which is not a snapshot.

The results field looks fine in the stack, but when I print to any printer or to PDF, the snapshot PNG references print rectangles of the correct size, in the right place but with a corrupted image.  Critically, the one reference which isn't to a screenshot prints fine.  If I take a screenshot of the field contents, I can print that with no problem, so it looks like a very specific interaction between snapshot and revprintfield.  Anyone else getting this?  Any suggestions to get around it?

David Glasgow

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