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Tue Dec 1 08:42:02 EST 2009

To all megabundle purchases and that Generic person (get a real name,  

This news that buyers of the Megabundle get nothing but a zip file and  
a reg code with tRev and tText is not right. Since I have never gotten  
a megabundle personally (I'm one of the vendors for it) I was not aware!

I have no idea if this minimalist fulfillment approach has spread to  
other products in the bundle, but, nevertheless, on behalf of my  
colleagues in the RevSelect program, I apologize profusely, if that is  
the case.

Anyone who has not gotten proper fulfillment on tRev and tText with  
the Megabundle delivery, here are some links for you:

- Installation:
- Quickstart:
- FAQs:
- Shortcuts:

- Quickstart:
- Free plugins:

You can email me with questions, but please read the material first.  
There will not be a pop quiz and this will not be on the final.


Jerry Daniels
jerry at

On Dec 1, 2009, at 7:17 AM, Generic Email wrote:

> Jerry,
> When you purchase it in the Mega Bundle this weekend, you get the  
> zip and a reg code. Like this:
> 	tRev
> From: Daniels & Mara
> Download: Download for Windows or Mac
> License Code:
> 129079800XXXX
> No link to your site. Googling tRev gives me many links before  
> getting to your site. is not you.
> If you had included this html page ( 
> ) in your distribution zip, it would have helped.
> If you need to find the path to the running Revolution, try ps aux |  
> grep Revolution | grep -v  
> grep._______________________________________________
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