Interesting blog post - comments anyone?

Kay C Lan lan.kc.macmail at
Tue Dec 1 02:23:02 EST 2009


your suggestion that GM should "have sent a plane ticket to that blogger.
"Please be our guest for a few days and meet our staff and get to know our
product from the inside out.  You will have full candid access to our top
developers and customers." Although I think you made a HUGE mistake there,
surely you didn't mean 'customers' because that would be doing exactly what
Rev did - or is there some difference between reading email testimonies and
verbally receiving them. Didn't you only one line earlier in the same post
ridicule the idea of "general motors sending out a call to arms". So
wouldn't these 'customers' that the blogger was suppose to meet somehow be
called or emailed. And who would do that? The Chief Engineer, because if it
was Heather in GM Marketing who email you I'd guess your response would be -
no that's slimy, you do it. (Or is it only slimy if someone else thinks of
it, but OK if you suggest it)

Some of your comments I find very informed and I can agree with, but in most
cases, in this thread, seemed removed from the underlying unhappiness with
your use of the word slimy.

Unfortunately, one of your posts was so contradictory that I can only
conclude that the rests of you post are smoke screens to hopefully remove
the focus on the original faux pas.

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