Vote to disable password protection for revMedia 4 stacks

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Mon Aug 24 15:09:39 CDT 2009

Richmond wrote:

> Richard Gaskin wrote:
>> Ian Wood wrote:
>>> For historical accuracy, it's probably worth pointing out that the  
>>> lower end version has gone *back* to being free like it was several  
>>> years ago...
>> Which version was that?
> Lurking on my hard drives, somewhere, are various versions of Runtime 
> Revolution: 2.0.1 backwards -
> that allowed one to make stacks, and standalones from those stacks, as 
> long as each object contained
> no more than 10 lines of code.

Ah yes - I'd forgotten that RunRev used to honor the same licensing MC did.

It was amazing what some folks came up with within those limits, like 
you did with your musical instruction stacks.

I can understand why RR moved to time-based trials, but for a language 
this rich and unique having RevMedia for free lets people spend much 
more time to really get a feel for what they can do with it.  30 days 
just wasn't enough for a sole-source proprietary language.  A very good 
change, much better than the old scriptLimits-based option.

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