Syllabic division of words

Brian Yennie briany at
Sat Aug 22 14:47:49 EDT 2009


OK, well let's carry on from there.

Are you familiar with this project?

Something similar in xTalk would be pretty darn cool, I would think.  
Especially if it were to index and search the web =).

See, we can have a fruitful discussion if we just stick to the subject.

> Most words in a natural language are synonyms to other words (with  
> subtle variation of context or meaning).  When words are grouped  
> with their synonym cousins, a dimensionallity frequently appears  
> that defines a range of general to specific.  Sprint is a specific  
> form of run which is a specific form of locomotion which is a  
> specific form of motion which is more specific than the most general  
> word in this chain, move.  Having access to an anthology that  
> associates words into these overlapping chains of specificity is a  
> fantastically rich resource for the automated derivation of meaning  
> (semantic processing).  Creating such a beast, at the user level is  
> prohibitive to all but the most driven (insane) amongst us.  Doing  
> it once at the tool level so that all can profit... That is a  
> reasonable goal.

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