Datagrid: dgFormattedHeight geometry question

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Sat Aug 22 12:52:26 CDT 2009

Le 22-août-09 à 17:37, David Bovill a écrit :

> I'm having problems with the geometry of a datagrid - I have a row  
> template
> of variable height with a disclosure toggle arrow - much like that  
> in the
> Webinar. The problem is that the row templates at the bottom of the
> datagrid, when expanded do not increase the range of the vertical  
> scrollbar
> of the datagrid resulting in records which you are unable to scroll  
> down to
> view. RefreshList has no effect. The script I use to toggle the row
> templates expanded info group is:
> on DiscloseView someBoolean
>>   lock screen
>>   put the rect of me into oRect
>>   set the visible of grp "Toggle" of me to someBoolean
>>   LayoutControl oRect
>>   RefreshList
>>   unlock screen
>> end DiscloseView


this point has been discussed abundantly this month.
The ti :
you have to set your rect first
then adapt the foramattedHeight
and set the rect again

see :

the question :

and the solution:


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