Syllabic division of words

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Richard, the doc is obsolete, not the technology.  Follow the link provided.  A little reading will go a long way...  Why are you hell bent on destroying this much needed tech and me in the process?

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Randall Lee Reetz wrote:
> Sorry, I have been spelling "phoneme" wrong.  Here is a link to the  
> apple tech to which I refereed:

...which carries this warning:

   Legacy Document

   Important: The information in this document is obsolete
   and should not be used for new development.

Too bad.  I saw a video from an old WWDC (probably the same one in which 
they demoed the ill-fated HC3) in which the presenter had a text window 
with a slider control, and as he moved the slider the text would get 
more and more stripped down until it eventually showed only a sentence 
or two containing the most salient concepts.

Nifty demo, but given the nuances of language and its continual 
evolution (we live in a world where "bad" means "good" and "sick" means 
"great") I can understand why it's been ditched.

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