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Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at
Tue Aug 18 19:06:31 CDT 2009

Hi Jim,

On Mac OS X and Linux, you will find a dictionary in /usr/share/dict/ 

You should be able to find dictionaries on the 'net, using your  
favorite search engine.

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On 19 aug 2009, at 01:41, James Hurley wrote:

> The spell checking webinar reminded me of a problem I had with RR  
> and word games.
> The dictionary I found on the web was 120,000 words and was too big.  
> Not because it was too big a file or too slow but because it had  
> words that most people never heard of. For example, the anagram  
> words for "wen" were "new" of course, but also "wen" which according  
> to the dictionary means:
> 1. Pathology. a benign encysted tumor of the skin, esp. on the  
> scalp, containing sebaceous matter; a sebaceous cyst.
> 2. British. a large, crowded city or a crowded urban district:London  
> is the great wen of England.
> I noticed in the webinar that the dictionary used there is only  
> 60,000 words, probably a better size for my needs.
> Anybody know if there is a "free" dictionary of that size available  
> for download?
> Jim Hurley

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