naming duplicate objects

barryb at barryb at
Mon Aug 17 14:03:54 CDT 2009

Hello all!
I have a short handler in an image object  which does something if 
intersects two graphics, called "circle1" and "circle2", overlaying each 

other - it should not do anything if only one graphic is present. 

To my 
stupefaction it works BUT only with the two original grcs, 
nothing happens if 
the grcs are copies, clones or duplicates of the 
originals carrying the same 
As I need to have several of these 'triggers' on the same card, how 
should I name or call them correctly?
Yes, it's a game and the script, [code,
talk] in the images looks something like this.

on mouseDown
  grab me

on mouseUp 
    if intersect (me,grc "circle1") then
intersect (me,grc "circle2") then                    

         end if
      end if
end mouseUp

TIA  Barry Barber

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