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J. Landman Gay jacque at
Mon Aug 10 17:58:39 CDT 2009

Richard Miller wrote:
> This works fine for me in a revlet:
> revgourl ""
> though it does open in a different tab in Firefox. Tested on XP.

Aha! Got it, thanks. It does work, as long as you don't have the 
NoScript Firefox extension installed. NoScript apparently thinks it's a 
cross-scripting attempt and blocks it. When it isn't installed, revGoURL 
works. Thanks for making me test again.

Phil Davis wrote:
 > The docs say revGoUrl is deprecated:
 > The revGoURL command is deprecated and should not be used in new code.
 > To open a url from within a stack, use the launch url command instead.
 > Would the suggested alternative work?

Yes, that works too.

The down side is that both methods open in a new tab. I'd rather it 
acted like a regular link.

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