data grid code (color)

Sadhunathan Nadesan sadhu at
Wed Apr 15 13:09:51 EDT 2009

3rd try - 


Your help is requested once more .. I'm stuck.  I've been trying to
find a way to apply color to a single cell (or even to one line) of
a data grid, with your example and every other combination or syntax
variation or other thing I can think of, no luck so far.

Can you suggest a line(s) of code to replace the one setting the background
color below? (the rest of the code works).

Again, I am in your debt.

Thank you,

repeat with whichLine = 1 to the dgNumberOfLines of group "data grid 1" of card "data grid card"

  put the dgIndexOfLine[whichLine] of group "data grid 1" of card "data grid card" into whichIndex  

  if (foundSSN) then
    put employeeSSN into theCellContent
    put "SSN not found"  into theCellContent
    ## set the backgroundColor of graphic 1 of me to "red" - generates an error
  end if

  dispatch "SetDataOfIndex" to group "data grid 1" of card "data grid card" \
      with whichIndex, "col 9", theCellContent

end repeat

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