data grid code (what is wrong with this?)

Sadhunathan Nadesan sadhu at
Wed Apr 8 14:03:27 EDT 2009

Hello Mark,

Thanks very much for the suggestions, that works. I wasn't too sure
for opening a file over a VPN connection across the Internet but it's

Since you have been so kind as to reply, wondering if you (or anyone)
see what is wrong with this code?

on mouseUp
   put the dgHilitedLines of group "Data Grid 1" into theLine
   put the dgDataOfLine[theLine] of group "Data Grid 1" into theDataA
   put theDataA["Site Lowest"] into field "test field"
end mouseUp

Site Lowest is one of the columns in the data grid.  This code
compiles but does nothing.

I can get data into the grid, but can't get it out.  Can anyone help?

I'm hoping there might be someone volunteer to receive a stack and
sample data file by email (since we can't post attachments to this
list).  Or is there a special address or method to use for 3.5 Beta

Thank you again!

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