Dumb Newbie Questions -- 1 of N

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Thu Apr 30 23:26:49 EDT 2009

Scott Morrow wrote:

 > Why do I need another way? Until my prior knowledge included
 > experience with and understanding of particular difficulties
 > (the NEED to separate data from layout) I wasn't REALLY ready
 > to learn about it other than in an abstraction or as an exercise.

I think you've hit on a key point there.

For a lot of projects, there's no harm in storing data in fields. 
There, I said it.  Some may call it blasphemy, but I think it's true 
just the same.

If what you need can fit in a stack gracefully in Rev, go for it.

And if you need something more you have many options, from custom 
properties in stack files to text files to several different RDBMS engines.

While there are some limitations with Rev, there's also much freedom.

There are all sorts of so-called "best practices", and while they might 
be important for professional work they needn't encumber someone who 
just needs to whip up some gadget for their own use.

Use whatever feels natural, and if you hit a wall there are many options 
for getting over it.

 > (No, I'm not referring to Mr. Gaskin as an abstraction.)

I've been called worse. :)

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