Behaviors & Image References

Scott Rossi scott at
Wed Apr 29 11:32:35 EDT 2009

Another question related to behaviors -- the resizeControl message that is
generated when resizing a group.  I thought this had been updated with some
enhancements specifically for behaviors.  Now that resizeControl is sent
continuously when resizing a group, is there any message sent once resizing
is done?  Or at least a way to determine when resizing is completed?
Barring a message, the only thing I can think of is starting a timer that
triggers an event after a specific period of resizing inactivity.

I can't remember where I read about the new resizeControl behavior, but it
seems the 3.5 docs haven't been updated to account for this.

Thanks & Regards,

Scott Rossi
Creative Director
Tactile Media, Multimedia & Design

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