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Ruslan Zasukhin sunshine at
Wed Apr 29 05:40:00 EDT 2009

On 4/29/09 12:23 PM, "Tiemo Hollmann TB" <toolbook at> wrote:

Hi Tiemo,

* if you can point user to Valentina Studio download
    so he can try install it and just open that db.

* can it be that this is not db related error at all?

> Hello Ruslan,
> actually the db has read-write permission, but from my program I don't have
> any update or write execution, only read.
> We have deleted the complete folder with my apps, emptied the trash,
> restarted the Mac, copied the app from the DVD-DMG to HD, started the app
> and the DB error comes again, as if the Mac would remember something of the
> crashed app. But what and where? After first install my app run fine and on
> the DVD nothing can have changed.
> I don't have an idea where to start to search.
> Can you tell me where to look for what tmp files?

* they are in hidden system folders...
And they should be destroyed on restart
And on each start should be used other name of tmp file..
So I do not think problem is here.

* possible create another user account on his MAC?
    then login into that account and try your app there?

> Thanks
> Tiemo
>> * this is EOF error
>> * so some file is corrupted.
>>     you sure that db is read only?
>>     may be user have changed that?
>> * may be some troubles with TMP files in TMP area.
>>     let user try restart OS
>>     tmp files should be destroyed

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