apple events and non-rev apps

Ian Wood revlist at
Wed Apr 29 05:11:58 EDT 2009

There used to be an app called AE Monitor, but it required launching  
the 'target' app via AE Monitor, and even then it would only record  
events sent from outside the app, not things like menu clicks.

Anyway, it's not been updated since 2007, the website ( 
) is down and I think it stopped working when 10.5 came out. :-(

Terry's idea about polling the target app for open documents sounds  
like the best way forwards, although it's a bit clunky.


On 29 Apr 2009, at 07:03, jim sims wrote:

> Question: Is it possible to have a Rev app monitor another  
> application? Can it watch and record another application when it  
> opens files?
> Example - Rev app which records data such as the above example  
> whenever OS X Preview opens an image file.  IOW -  when user opens  
> an image file with Preview (either by double-click on file or from  
> open menu), the opened/running Rev app is waiting for such  
> information and can record it.
> sims

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