Page turning . . .again

Richmond Mathewson richmondmathewson at
Tue Apr 28 16:37:06 EDT 2009

May be.  However, I am a one-trick pony in terms of programming as
haven't bothered to look at much except xTalk in the last 7 years (well,
unless I count my 'love-in' with Visual Basic 5 and VBA at Abertay).

My Applescript book is 8 years old, so probably not up to much
as far as page-curling is concerned.

Mark Stuart wrote:
> Hi Richmond,
> I've been told by Mac users that the page-curling can be done on a Mac,
> that it is possibly an AppleScript command?
> To what extent, I'm not sure.
> I don't have a Mac to investigate that more thoroughly.
> Regards,
> Mark Stuart
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