Sound file compatibility and Linux

Richmond Mathewson richmondmathewson at
Mon Apr 27 12:32:49 EDT 2009

That sounds a bit odd as I have managed to do distribution upgrades with
Ubuntu without having to do clean installs many times.

My recent problem was two-fold:

1. I chose to 'jump' from 5.10 to 8.04.2 - as doing sequntial dist. upgrades
would take over a week, use an awful lot of electricity, time, and so forth.

This was easily solved by doing a backup of the home directory.

2. (still unresolved) previously the standalones referenced mp3 sound
files (slowed to half-speed as RR and Ubuntu were playing "silly bu**ers"
there); and doesn't "do" mp3 natively, adding capability via
medibuntu doesn't help RR leverage mp3s; so wondering which sound
file will work.

Peter Alcibiades wrote:
> Not sure if any of the issues would still happen to you with Debian, but what
> took me to Debian was the desire to avoid having to do clean installs to get
> a distribution upgrade to the next release, which sounds a bit like the
> Ubuntu situation.  Debian does continuous upgrades, I think Mepis now that
> it is rebased on Debian also does.  Woodford took Mepis to Debian and away
> from Ubuntu for exactly that reason.   Whereas I always put off doing a
> release upgrade on Mandriva for exactly that reason, its such a pain.
> Peter
> Richmond Mathewson-2 wrote:
>> Nothing comes totally Free, and to play .swf files on my PCs in my school
>> comes at the price of upgrading my PCs to Ubuntu 8.04.2 LTS (a complete
>> pain)

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